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Tents, Canopies, Umbrellas, Shade & More

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Whether your needing a tent for shade or for warmth, we offer every size, with or without walls. We can even combine canopies and umbrellas with your tent to extend your event even more all the while optimizing your budget.

Our tent walls come in  solid white, french window style, and panoramic style walls.

You can get very extravagant with your event, or keep it very simple, depending on your desires. We are here to give you what you want while optimizing your budget

Our tents are delivered, installed by our highly trained staff.

Canopy Rentals Inspiration

One thing to remember is, just because it’s a tent doesn’t mean it has to look like a tent. We have so many different ways that we can help turn your event tent rental into a magical room. We can also help to keep the temperature in the tents comfortable. Take a look at some options here.