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7 Hot Trends for Summer Weddings in 2019

Get the inside scoop of the hottest trends and latest crazes for summer weddings here and now...

As we get closer to wedding season, our office is teaming with eager brides looking to create the perfect experience for their big day.  Brides and coordinators alike are requesting some key elements, colors and themes. Thus, hot off the reservation hotline comes our 2019 hottest trends for summer weddings…

Below you will find our top 7 wedding trends that you are sure to see at weddings this summer. We have broken them down into three major categories: Food Trends, Table Top and Guest Experience.

Food Trends

taco bar

7. Taco Bars

The infamous Taco Bar has become an overnight sensation. Some brides revealed that they choose the taco bar to feed their guest because it was so cheap. Others offered that it is simply universally loved comfort food! Are you interested in having a Taco Bar at your wedding or next event? If yes, then call us! We have everything you need to pull off this spicy little number.

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6. Donut Walls

Donut Walls are a sweet way to celebrate your holy matrimony. There are several looks that accompany these fun dessert displays. Donut walls can range from rustic to regal.

Most of the walls we have seen hold a minimum of 70 donuts! The key to pulling off a great donut wall is to color coordinate the frosting with your color pallet. While the display can be a hit for a younger crowd, the older guests seem to be a harder sell. Lastly, if you really want to appeal to all donut lovers, be sure to get a wall that has a few short shelves for Maple Bars….. Yummy!

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Table Top

5. Colored Glassware

Fun summer weddings are nicely accented with glassware that brings a pop of color to the table top. Goblets in shades of teal and purple are hot items. Furthermore, wedding planners are using deep toned water goblets in lieu of floral arrangements.  

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colored glassware
gold flatware

4. Gold Flatware

Gold flatware makes a statement on the table. It is best showcased when accompanied by gold chargers and gold accents on the table. For brides who have chosen gold over silver, gold flatware is a must. In fact, we have had brides rearrange their entire wedding budgets just to add the gold flatware.

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3. Linen

This year we have seen a split personality emerging from the waves of brides to be. Almost half of the brides that we have seen have wanted ivory, blush or burgundy. Where last year we saw purples over and over; this year, we have not had a single purple pallet! When it comes down to it, all brides want this season is blush pink sequin! They simply can’t get enough!

On the other side of the spectrum, brides are bucking tradition and going with winter colors in summer often using navy blue as their anchor color.  Several brides have followed trend and incorporated the color of the year “Living Coral”.  These pallets offer bright and bold pops of color that drench the scene with a fun and festive atmosphere.

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Guest Experience

2. Yard Games

Yard games are more than just an activity to occupy kids at your wedding… They help to provide your guests with a memorable experience. Some friendly competition can bring groups closer together and allow onlookers to cheer for the players. Having yard games has proven to be a hit at outdoor and backyard weddings. It’s a win, win!

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1 . Karaoke

Let your guests serenade you in a fun and energetic sing a long experience. Maybe you and your better half can sing a duet together or revel in watching others. Either way, it is sure to be a great time. Again, creating memorable experiences for you and your guest is the latest trend and as far as we are concerned, this trend will be the new normal for years to come…

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